Closer To You Lyrics By Jungkook (JK), Major Lazer

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Closer To You is a song from the film GOLDEN (Jung Kook's Album). Jungkook, Major Lazer wrote the lyrics, and Diplo, Leclair, Maesic composed the music for the song, which was sung by Jungkook, Major Lazer.

Here are some details about the song "Closer To You" by Jungkook, Major Lazer before we get to the lyrics part:

Closer To You Song Details

TitleCloser To You
Movie/AlbumGOLDEN (Jung Kook's Album)
SingerJungkook, Major Lazer
MusicDiplo, Leclair, Maesic
LyricsJungkook, Major Lazer
Duration2.51 Mins
Song Origin LanguageEnglish
Released On3 Nov 2023

Closer To You Lyrics in English

Feeling Like I’m Floating
Something’s In The Air Tonight
We’re Speaking With Emotions
Won’t Look Away

Love Me At My Lowest
I’ll Love You When You’re Barely Holding On
Lightin’ Up The Darkness
I Can Be A Shoulder When You’re Not Strong

Closer To You
Closer To You

Take You Like My Last Breath
Took Me That’s The First Step
Closer With The Silk Dress
Feeling Your Warm Embrace
Devil Always Tempting
But Who Gon’ End The Sentence
Wе’re Not Meant To Blend In
Blеnded With All Your Friends
Push And Pull To Get Closer Closer

We Tried Again
Said I Wouldn’t Lie
But I Lied Again
Mama Told You
Don’t Reply To Him
This Ain’t Right
Who’s Wrong Again?
We Been Tired
Restart Again
Negative And The Positive
Bringing Us

Closer To You
Closer To You

Closer To You
Closer To You

Credit: Song lyrics written by Jungkook, Major Lazer

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